Semi Permanent Brows

Semi Permanent Brows, also known as powder brows, ombre brows and combination is a slightly newer semi-permanent brow technique that creates a soft, powdered look that subtly fills in your brows to create a more defined brow The technician will design your brow shape and colour based on your individual brow goals and aesthetics if your face


How long does it take?

Microblading cannot be done quickly, it will take approximately 1.5-2 hours to get the procedure done. Our technician will help determine the best colour and shape for your brows by drawing the eyebrows you want with a removable pencil. Our expert technician will draw the eyebrows based on your facial features, your aesthetic goals, and your current eyebrow shape.

Will it hurt?

This procedure might be a bit uncomfortable, it feels a lot like plucking hair out. Before we start the procedure, we will numb the area with the proper numbing cream to make sure that this treatment is as comfortable and painless as possible for every patient. To sustain patient comfort, numbing cream can be reapplied during treatment.

What is the healing process?

There will be some redness and light swelling after the procedure and your new brows will appear dark. This is completely normal, your brows will fade to a lighter colour as you continue to heal. You may also notice some scabbing, do not pick at the scabs, as you may cause some damage to the outcome of the microblading. The healing process can take 7-14 days.

How long will results last?

Your brows can last 1-3 years, occasional touch-ups may be needed once the pigments begin to fade. A touchup is recommended 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure. The microblading results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. Individual results will vary.

Treatment Summary

90-120 MINUTES


None, Although you may experience swelling, tenderness and scabbing






1-3 Years

Price List
includes free top up £280

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